Species: spp. Wildlife of Cambodia: photo gallery: Beetles Listed by Common Name. Another Old English name for beetle is ċeafor, chafer, used in names such as cockchafer, from the Proto-Germanic *kebrô ("beetle"; compare German Käfer, Dutch kever). Reviews Hister beetles, Carcinops pumilio, are small black, predatory beetles that are used in poultry facilities for fly control. Aggregations can vary in size, but small sources of food usually have approximately one to 13 beetles (McNamara et al. They can be easily identified by their shortened elytra that leaves two of the seven tergites exposed, and their elbowed antennae with clubbed ends. Chewing mouthparts are at the tip of a proboscis Common Name: “Sesbania clown weevil” Scientific Name: Eudiagogus sp. Order: Coleoptera Description: These species represent members of a genus of broad-nosed weevils. Mealworms usually live outdoors, but you may find them infesting containers of flour and other dried grains. These beetles form aggregations around resources where individuals will feed and mate, attracted by pheromones secreted by males. stream endobj They will consume fly eggs and maggots; one adult Hister beetle can consume 54 maggots and/or eggs per day. 1/1. Beetles Listed by Scientific Name: Beetle Pages. Major Families. Taxonomy - Histeridae (clown beetles) (FAMILY) ))) Map to ... Scientific name i: Histeridae: Taxonomy navigation › Histeroidea. Hence, it earned the scientific name rarus as in ‘rare’. Image Credit: Mick B. from Fairland, OK. Hister Beetles do not hiss or make noise. For more information, check out How It Works. Tiny, shining black, and globe-shaped, clown beetles (also known as hister beetles) may be found in grassy areas of the dunes, or even near the tops of the highest dunes. 2002. Eleodes is a genus of darkling beetles commonly known as pinacate beetles or desert stink beetles. They can be easily identified by their shortened elytra that leaves two of the seven tergites exposed, and … Beetles in the genus Eleodes are known as "darkling" or "pinacate beetles," and colloquially as "stinkbugs" or "clown beetles." CLOWN BEETLE-The saprinus pennsylvanicus has an oval or rounded, shiny metallic green colored body. No. However this beetle is confined to the American Southwest, where it can be very common. Despite the name, these are actually beetles. Eleodes, derived from the Greek term for "olivelike" describes the general body shape and jet black coloration. %���� As … 2 0 obj Hister beetles, also known as Clown beetles because of their flattened legs, represent a quite diverse family (Histeridae) of beetles living almost everywhere around the world. endobj (2011): Family-group names in Coleoptera (Insecta), ZooKeys 88: 1–972. They are tiny scavengers that take advantage of their situation. -The body size is usually between 1/8 - 3/8'' long. <>>> Try browsing the Ball Pythons Index if you're looking for something specific. K. G. Lutz Verlag, Stuttgart. 1 0 obj Adults are about 5/16 inch long, and have slate-black bodies marked with a metallic rosy-white pattern. Genus: Acritus. Alternative Title: Trogidae Skin beetle, (family Trogidae), any of approximately 300 widely distributed species of beetles in the superfamily Scarabaeoida (insect order Coleoptera) that are also classified by some authorities in the subfamily Troginae in the scarab family Scarabaediae. Cladistics 18(4):394-415. If the beetle has a rounded head with a scoop neck shape around the base of it, then it is most likely a mealworm.